By: Anthony Reynolds - May 30th, 2017

The factual corrections on the below mentioned original false and malicious article written by Gerrit Van Rooyen have been hand delivered to Media24 at 251 Oak Avenue, Randburg, 2194, Gauteng, South Africa marked for the attention of Marga Ley on Tuesday February 28th, 2017.
I have officially informed Marga Ley that the applicable article does not comply with the standards required by the SA Press Code and that certain false and misleading information contained therein will adversely affect my business, CamRey Associates, as well as damage the credibility and sound reputation of the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds.
I have respectfully requested Marga Ley to instruct Rapport to either retract the article from the public domain, or to make the necessary changes and corrections to ensure the article is factually correct and not misleading, accurate, balanced, fair and just, not bias or written with malice, within context and true.
Rapport, and in particular its ombudsman Marga Ley, has totally ignored my request and continued to publish the malicious and false article in the public domain, including on the internet.
18 July 2016 (updated in June 2018)

I have facilitated a $120 million donation from my philanthropist colleagues at Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM) for the GABM South African Drought Relief Project. This project is now concluded and 5172 South African farmers were the recipients of the R1.5 Billion -https://gabmsadrp.blogspot.com/2018/06/mark-paulsmeiers-r15-billion-gabm-sa.html

The objective of the GABM South African Drought Relief Project is to provide South African commercial farmers with much needed financial assistance during one of South Africa's worst seasons of drought.

The Rapport journalist Gerrit Van Rooyen has however in response to my efforts called the GABM South African Drought Relief Project a "foefie" (meaning a scam in the english language). He has obviously been proven wrong since as 5172 farmers have received the funds.

I vehemently object to Mr. Van Rooyen's malicious article and confirm the $120 million (R1.5 Billion ZAR) GABM SA Drought Relief Project donation by GABM members is credible and real in every respect, and I stand by that notion.

In fact, I have since handed to Mr. Bennie Van Zyl of the TLU farmers union in South Africa 233 SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds which were donated by individual GABM members, now valued at $650 000 each, in respect of the funding of the GABM South African Drought Relief Project.

I have in addition arrange with Mr. Anthony Reynolds at CamRey Associates to immediately convert the said SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to the ZAR currency on behalf of the TLU farmers union.

Mr. Gerrit van Rooyen's applicable article has therefore only brought shame over South Africa. He has decided to rather use the GABM South African Drought Relief Project as a perfect opportunity to discredit me publicly over a long standing feud between me and the media as appose to be thankful to my international philanthropist colleagues for bringing vital financial aid to SA farmers during this difficult time - as all South Africans should have been. Mr. Van Rooyen's actions are nothing short than as we would say in Afrikaans "Stank vir Dank" and a disgrace to South Africa.

My feud with the media started more than 15 years ago following my public accusation that certain media houses in the UK and in SA are corrupt in their respective false and inaccurate reporting about me in particular over the proposed Marks & Spencer takeover transaction. Read more about this at - http://mppressarticles.blogspot.co.za/

I have indicated to these corrupt media houses that the media are obliged to ensure that articles should at all times reflect information that is objective, factually correct, accurate, fair, balanced, and without bias; and actually provide proof of their respective false reporting just as I have now done with Mr. Van Rooyen's article in the Rapport newspaper.

This situation has since February 2005 resulted in a continued defamation campaign against me by the media, which is clearly demonstrated by the various false accusations and innuendos leveled against me in Mr. Van Rooyen's article in the Rapport newspaper.

In fact another newspaper, Die Vryburger, initially trusted the content of Mr. Van Rooyen's article in the Rapport so much that they simply echoed the same false information. They have however very quickly realized that Mr. Van Rooyen has published false information and unsubstantiated facts as well as his own personal perceptions. The said newspaper immediately withdrew its article and apologized for the oversight on their part.

I therefore put it to Mr. Van Rooyen that he is a "Blatant and Pathetic Liar" and that he is abusing his position as a journalist at the Rapport newspaper to discredit me falsely. He is a disgrace to his employer and frankly should not be employed as a journalist.

In dealing with some of the false statements and innuendos made by Mr. Van Rooyen I would like to start by openly challenging Mr. Van Rooyen to provide any proof that the donation is anything but what I said it will be, or that I did not in actual fact provided the funding exactly as I have said I would do.

Moreover, Mr. Van Rooyen suggested that I would stand to benefit financially from facilitating the GABM South African Drought Relief Project. I openly challenge Mr. Van Rooyen to provide any kind of proof that will support such a defamatory suggestion or statement.

I strongly suggest that Mr. Van Rooyen rather focus his energy and time to obtain a plausible explanation why the South African Government prevented me from providing the funding much earlier, as the SA Government's lack of support does not make any sense.

Moreover, Mr. Van Rooyen also made reference to the fact that neither the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) nor South African Revenue Service (SARS) knows anything about me or GABM. I have to again put it to Mr. Van Rooyen that he is a liar and that he is deliberately publishing false information in the public domain about me. In my dealings with the SNG Global Dollar virtual currency I have initially contacted both SARB and SARS through my lawyers and then personally as well. I place on record that both SARB and SARS are very much aware of me, GABM and the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds (investmentsngglobaldollar.blogspot.com).

The South African Reserve Bank, South African Financial Services Board, SA Government are all aware about the fact that Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds are being traded among wealthy South Africans, and there are no legal objections from these regulatory authorities about this.

Moreover, Mr. Van Rooyen alleges the SNG Global Dollar virtual currency does not exist. His statement is bizarre at best as the SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency Financial System (sngglobaldollar.blogspot.com) is the largest virtual currency in the world having a current market capitalization of $750 billion, as appose to the few billions of Bitcoin which is the second largest virtual currency.

Moreover, central banks all over the world are very much aware of the SNG Global Dollar virtual currency and they do not share Mr. Van Rooyen's view on the matter.

In fact, global corporate transaction worth billions of dollar are conducted in the SNG Global Dollar virtual currency each month. Perhaps Mr. Van Rooyen is just confused with another virtual currency and now is insulting the intelligence of Rapport's readers with his false and pathetic perceptions.

For the benefit of Mr. Van Rooyen I respectfully place on record that the SNG Global Dollar virtual currency is the most stable and credible currency in the world, and in this regard I would like to refer him to the information memorandum on sngglobaldollar.blogspot.com.

Mr. Van Rooyen has also made several irresponsible, unprofessional and unethical allegations purely on the basis that he could not find information about the Paulsmeier Inc Group or its divisions' business transactions in the public domain -
Media24 and others have since been invited to the global head office of the Paulsmeier Inc Group in New York on two separate occasions, but they have not accepted the invitations to visit our Board of Directors and to confirm the substance of the Paulsmeier Inc Group.

One of these allegations were that GABM fails to submit annual financial statements in the public domain, like the Bill & Melinda Gates as well as Clinton Foundations. It is clear that Mr. Van Rooyen is a very lousy journalist as he should have known the distinct difference between GABM and the Bill & Melinda Gates as well as Clinton Foundations.

The Bill & Melinda Gates as well as Clinton Foundations are funded by public corporations and individuals and therefore are legally obliged to submit annual public financial statements.

GABM is a private member based philanthropic organization that are entirely funded by its membership collective and not by public sources. Therefore GABM is legally obliged to only provide annual financial statements to its members and not the public. It is important to note that GABM has since the year 2000, when the GABM organization was founded, held 17 Annual General Meetings where its financial statements were made available to its members.

Perhaps Mr. Van Rooyen is not aware that the Paulsmeier Inc Group is a private investment group and as such only its shareholder, IBDF International LLC, and its various stakeholders are entitled to any information about the group's business transactions and affairs.

Moreover, Mr. Van Rooyen alleges that I have said that the former British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, is a partner in CamRey Associates. Again, this information is materially false as it is Mr. Cameron's partner who is stating that fact and not me. According to his partner Mr. David Cameron inherited 20 percent share in the business from his father in 2011. Mr. Van Rooyen you are deliberately misinforming the public with false information.

Moreover, Mr. Van Rooyen is suggesting that I am not credible after publicly exposing the Sun City Sex Video Recording Scandal. In his efforts to falsely discredit me, Mr. Van Rooyen seems to forget that 3 videos (physical evidence) in respect of the subject matter have been provided to the SAPS years ago, and I in particular as well as hundreds of other victims have invited Sun International, SAPS and the media to an open meeting to submit the evidence publicly. These invitations have never been accepted. I therefore again place on record that a hidden camera was placed in our Sun City Vacation Club apartment and secret videos have been produced without our knowledge or consent. This practice continues to this date and unsuspecting rich couples are blackmailed over their videos while ordinary people’s videos are being sold to porn clubs. I put it to Mr. Van Rooyen that to my knowledge never, ever have any victim blackmailed Sun International as he suggests. Please provide proof of this notion Mr. Van Rooyen.

In actual fact why is Mr. Van Rooyen and the rest of the media not publicly exposing the Sun City Sex Video Recording Scandal that could protect the interests of innocent couples from scandals like this? Why not exposing the horrific annual "Kensey" incidents over New Year's celebrations at the Sun City Resort? Maybe it has to do with Sun International's huge advertising account with the media!

There is however a positive side to Mr. Van Rooyen's article beside from the effort to discredit me personally.

The article clearly highlights the fact that the Paulsmeier Inc Group (our Group) with its divisions - Oakwell Holdings; and the International Venture Capital Association; and the Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires; and the Summit Network Group international business chamber; and Callister International; and International Business Finance Corporation and the SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency Financial System have become the envy of the international corporate and financial establishment, and our consistent global growth presents a huge threat to these corporations and financial institutions. They are losing clients and market share to our Group at an alarming rate and they simply have no answer to turn the tide around.

In short what differentiate our Group from the rest are obviously our integrity, credibility and corporate values as well as our vast collective in-house corporate resources and dynamic approach to business.

This is exactly where the international corporate and financial establishment and unethical journalists (like Mr. Van Rooyen) continuously focus their attacks in an effort to discredit us. These organizations have literally spent tens of millions of dollars on investigations into our Group’s business affairs in the hope of finding any evidence of wrong doing.

Years of investigations have ended in no facts or evidence and the only strategy left to the international corporate and financial establishment is to maliciously disseminate false perceptions about our Group in pathetic and false articles.

But, history has shown us that the largest independent accounting firms (protectors of shareholders’ interests) and largest law firms have been the auditors and legal advisors in all of the global corporate scandals over the years. Yet, these are the organizations that are so envious about our Group and who are trying so hard to disseminate false perceptions in the market.

Moreover, banking institutions are directly responsible for the 2008/2009 financial crises and many other scandals, which caused innocent hard working people worldwide losing trillions of dollars in savings and pension funds. This is exactly why our Group has its own financial system and virtual currency that are completely independent from the global banking system as well as the many associated risks and bureaucracy and high service fees.

Our Group has over the past 24+ years establish a corporate culture and business model that are decades ahead of the international corporate and financial establishment.

Mr. Van Rooyen, the role and function of a journalist, as you are no doubt aware, is to write articles that are Objective, Factually Correct, Balanced, Fair. Your article has failed to comply in each of the aforesaid criteria. I strongly suggest you publish facts next time around and not innuendos as people are cleverer than you think. They can clearly distinguish between your fiction and smoke and mirrors and actual facts.

Mr Van Rooyen, please be advised that I will not be intimidated by the media at all, I never have in the past and I will never be in future! 

The civil lawsuits against Naspers/Media24/Agri SA/ TLU SA/Koos Bekker/Leanne George/Gerrit van Rooyen/ Bennie van Zyl/Louis Meintjes/Omri van Zyl/Christo van der Rheede include:

CamRey Associates - $100 millionGABM donor members - $350 millionIBDF International LLC dba the Paulsmeier Inc Group - $2 billionMark Paulsmeier - $12 millionAdditional information on subject matter: